“This debut CD features a sultry ‘Summertime’ and a haunting performance of the theme from ‘Schindler’s List’ that rivals Perlman’s justly famous recording.”

“The soloist Gregory Harrington was impressive. This young Dublin born violinist showed natural artistry and an ability to dazzle”.

The Irish Times

“In James MacMillan’s Kiss on Wood, Harrington described its winding contours with aching tenderness, a profound sense of melancholy touching every phrase. With Brahms’ Sonata in D minor op108, Harrington was in his element, reveling in its rich sonorities and capturing its underlying tensions with great aplomb.”

The Strad Magazine

“Gregory Harrington is the violinist on this excellent and highly recommendable CD of small-scale works by James MacMillan. The two impressions with which you’ll come away after even a single sitting with this CD are of the music’s immense beauty and powerful economy. And the extent to which the three players honour and convey those and MacMillan’s other gifts. Technically, their playing is superb. It never stands in the way of a low key yet vital empathy they have with the idiom, the Scottish idiom too, and the ranges of emotion from the wry and unselfconsciously lighthearted to the extremely poignant and profound which MacMillan has written in this collection. It’s a collection, by the way, in which the order of whose works provides a nice sense of contrast. Yet the sequence continually reinforces MacMillan’s restrained melancholy. The acoustic and recording could not be better; and there is just the right amount of material and background on pieces and players – and the composer – in the booklet that comes with a CD that contains recordings otherwise unavailable on CD. Don’t hesitate. If you’re already a MacMillan collector, you’ll want this one. If you want to see whether you might become one, let A Different World convince you.”

Musicweb International (Recording of the Month July ’11)

“… these are very loving atmospheric performances.”

BBC Music Magazine (double 5 star review of “A Different World”)

“… passionate searching performances, that suggest, if not perfect alignment of faith and politics, a similar view to the composer’s on matters relating to human dignity and human spirit.”

International Record Review

“Harrington’s playing is marked by its veiled richness in the lower register and incredible control into the sometimes stratospheric higher registers employed by MacMillan.”

Composition Today

“It is obvious to anyone picking up this disc, that it is a labor of love by violinist Gregory Harrington. The playing is emotional, committed and intimately in sync with the printed page. Passion leaps off the recording and grabs the listener. The precision and musicality is impressive and that comes across clearly. Mr. Harrington plays with a beautiful and versatile tone that is appropriately raw when needed. He navigates the highest registers of his instrument with precision and confidence. The great joy of this recording is the commitment of the artists to the music and the assurance that you are hearing almost exactly what the composer envisions. For music that requires a bit of active listening, that is a reward that is rare and well worth the journey to a different world.”


“Violinist Gregory Harrington is the central figure in these compositions and particularly shines on the opening three pieces for violin and piano. The wistful and lonesome melodic lyricism is expressive and emotionally compelling while still sounding very much of contemporary times. The final track brings attention to the crystalline sounds of Harrington, who here brings an almost folk-ish quality to the solo violin version of In Angustiis…II. There is a permeating sadness to the piece but the affect is one of solitary contemplation instead of heart wrenching sobs. MacMillan’s music is evocative and expressive, even when he isn’t setting text which expresses those emotions. The performers and performances on this disc seize every opportunity for expression on this recording and make a very compelling disc.”

Sequenza 21

“Mr. Harrington, a superb emerging player who has yet to be called up to the Big Dance in violin performance, revealed himself to be a talent to be reckoned with. The concert concluded with a spectacular and moving performance of the familiar and beloved Chaconne from Bach’s Partita in D minor. In Mr. Harrington’s interpretation, we could hear the passion and sensuality of the Spanish dance that underlies this form. Rhapsodic and rebellious, totally constrained and yet straining at every turn, this was a Bach I hungered to hear more of. Indeed, I am now on tenterhooks, awaiting the moment we will be graced with a recording of the entire Bach unaccompanied violin oeuvre from this master of the violin.”

The East Hampton Star

“The performances are driven by violinist Gregory Harrington’s obvious affinity for MacMillan — this is intelligent and attractive music-making.”

Audiophile Audition

“Harrington conveyed a deep commitment to this work [Kiss on Wood], layering passion, meditation and mystery on top of one another. The simple, monophonic, prayer-like phrases gently tossed back and forth between the two instruments were hypnotizing and mercilessly gripping.”

The New York Concert Review

“Harrington combines velvet smoothness with intricate passion… This player nets you gently, and you will find you have listened to every note. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Waikato Times, NZ

“Harrington delivered a virtuoso performance”

La Jolla Light

“inheritor of the Heifetz tradition… ”

Audiophile Audition

“In Angustiis… II for solo violin is explicitly evocative. You can hear the planes or bodies dropping without much prompting. [Kiss On Wood] is technically treacherous, and this is one of the better performances that I have heard.”

American Record Guide

“This was a defining moment in the recital illustrating Harrington’s gifts both thoughtful lyricist and serious technician.”
“an array of technical and lyrical splendor.”

The New Music Connoisseur

Harrington, a Dublin-born violinist, performed the haunting theme from “Schindler’s List” with a tender melancholy that raised the bar for the show’s duration.”

The South Bend Tribune

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Sunday Business Post – 6.8mb

The Waikato Times – May 3rd 2008
Review: Gregory Harrington
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The Sunday Business Post – Agenda, May 21st 2006
“The Classical Approach”
Interview with Gregory Harrington
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The Dubliner – May 2006
Rising Star: Gregory Harrington
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Irish Connections – Vol. 6 No. 3 – July 2005
Interview with Gregory and Ronan Tynan
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